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I had no idea writing my first blog post would be such a challenge. The problem was too many options! Amor Group is active in the Public, Transport and Energy sectors and is Scotland’s largest independent IT company. I’m in the energy sector in Aberdeen, providing managed services in Information Management (IM) to the energy industry. I spent most of today working on some training materials. Amor Group is working with the Robert Gordon University (RGU) in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) to forward IM in this industry. One of the various efforts is to develop a training course to be delivered by the university for IM staff, starting with document controllers. We have built one prototype topic which was very well received by the steering group last week. So today, I spent the morning looking over some materials kindly provided by a colleague. I then went to meet with one of the steering group members and another colleague to get more feedback.  What’s been really great is that everyone we ask is keen to contribute and ensure we build something really worthwhile, even when that adds to their own workload. From the market research we did before embarking on training development, the industry is crying out for it.  There are other options out there which is great, but with the educational power of a university behind us, we’re in a good position to lead development in this area. I was so motivated by the meeting that I spent the afternoon designing some enhanced materials. Building this kind of resource is so important for the development of the field and it wouldn’t happen were it not for the motivation and drive of Amor Group.

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